Drug-year European Society Spends 24 Billion Euro

European Police Organization (Europol) and the European Drugs Definition Centre (EMCDDA), prepared by the ‘European Drug Market Report’, showed that European society of 24 billion euros in spending on drugs for years. The information contained in eport reveals that 22 million European adults have used cannabis in the last year. If one percent of the European population of 500 million, are using cannabis and hashish addicts every day. According to the data the most sold in the European drug cannabis. This was followed by heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy (XTC) is followed. The people of Europe, the drug is paying 24 billion euros a year in return for material.The most important production centers in Europe in the Netherlands cannabis and ecstasy. A major portion of the drug is produced in the Netherlands. The Netherlands also sees the bridge in terms of trade of other drugs.”Light drugs” cannabis and ecstasy use in class is growing. However, a significant increase in their prices can not be observed.According to the report, accessibility becomes easier to conventional drug in Europe.New drugs in the known drug as well as different content last year was placed on the market.