In Iceland, Panama Crisis’: Prime Minister Resigns

Iceland “Panama Documents” in his wife overseas companies have hundreds of people demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson revealed that yesterday he organized a protest called by the opposition. After consultation with the Head of State asked the parliament to protest the termination of the Prime Minister resigns rejected this request.April 2016  in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik gathered in front of the parliament building and the number according to the local press about 10 thousand finds activists, “Panama Documents” in overseas belonging to his wife (offshore) turned out to be the company Prime Minister Sigmar Download David had wanted to Gunnlaugsson resigned. Iceland resisted history’s most massive protests notwithstanding, take a step back this afternoon, Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Gramsson has requested the dissolution of parliament visited the Presidential Residence. Iceland’s President Olafur Ragnar Gramsson the prime minister made negotiations between the parties did not accept this request was learned he wanted to resolve the crisis.