Future Mercedes

A vision of the future, the F 015 Luxury in Motion is a research vehicle designed as an autonomous car, inventing new possibilities in vehicle design, packaging and connectivity.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the F 015 demonstrates Mercedes-Benz innovation in the future of car design and engineering. This self-driving luxury saloon demonstrates how the car goes beyond being just a mode of transport and evolves into a mobile living space, giving drivers and passengers an entirely new experience when travelling.

Features include large exterior LED light modules on the front and rear of the vehicle offer a range of different communicative functions, such as indicating a cool blue hue when the car is being driven autonomously or white when it’s in manual.

Inside, the F 015 exudes an interior space like no other. Each unique feature of the vehicle seamlessly reveals the Mercedes-Benz vision of interpreting “modern luxury”, taking comfort and motion into the future. The lounge-like interior offers a huge amount of space, capable

of seating four adults either facing one other or in tandem. The sensual atmosphere is further accentuated by light-coloured fine wood flooring seamlessly offering an unmatched sense of bountiful space with a cool feel.

Not only that, but the F 015 takes digital innovation even further by including six touch-screen displays tastefully mounted in the instrument panel and the rear and side walls. By allowing the passenger to connect to the vehicle through gestures, eye-tracking and by touching the high-resolution screens, the F 015 perfectly harmonises technology with luxury.

Source: Mercedes Official