Times: Chaos Ahead immigrants Returns

EU agreement containing the bilateral agreement with being returned to Turkey in response to each of the European countries to accept refugees from Turkey today passed a refugee application. Times today, Greek Despite the start of the return of refugees to Turkey from the island, on both sides of the Aegean Sea ‘chaos’ says he. Gazette, does not want to be deported from the concern that there has been resistance to the security forces of migrants and also the people in Turkey are featured Sewn migrants to send more migrants do not want that, given the following statements in the newspaper:” The European Union ‘s ( EU ), thousands of immigrants in Greece from the plan consigned Turkey chaos face to face. Refugees in camps on the islands continues protests. To carry out the massive operation honesty more have not yet been able to come even to the islands.”EU sources today Lesvos and Chios from reaching the planned number of 500 refugees to be sent to Turkey admits that it is impossible.”A senior Greek official, many people today that they will send to Turkey ‘is not even the slightest idea’, he said.